Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kindergarten Rocks!

My six year old son just began Kindergarten this past September. Now I know it's not the beginning of the school year but around our house Kindergarten is a big deal. He's the oldest and his brother will be in Kindergarten next year and then his sister the year after that. Kindergarten is the main topic of conversation around here.

To celebrate Kindergarten and all the great things it is providing for my son, I thought I'd look for a few of my favorite Kindergarten finds.

I love, love this Kindergarten Rocks t-shirt from Fun2Wear2. I know my son would love it and I'm wondering if it wouldn't be a nice teachers gift for a younger, fun Kindergarten t-shirt?

So if the t-shirt isn't a great idea for your Kindergarten teacher, how about this clipboard from Slimdgm. I think that's going to be top on my list.

Every Kindergartener adores a good PB&J. I don't know, these are just so fun! Nice work CherryDot!

Now this isn't really a great pattern for a boy's memory book but I know my son would love one of these. He loves saving EVERYTHING from school and loves talking about "remember whens" already. This is from ChicMemories on Etsy

What an ingenious idea! I think this is the cutest gift idea from Aquabeet.


Amy said...

Kim, Thanks for finding & including me in your kdg roundup!
You are so lucky to have little ones at home. This year I have my 2in college. I don't get a chance to miss them much as they come back every few weeks. We use friend's kids when we need little ones for pumpkin cutting and such. Check my blog around Halloween (& this past Easter) and see!
thanks, amy ~ aquabeet

michelle {sweet mady's paper} said...

Oh I just love that memory book!