Thursday, October 23, 2008

Handmade Glitter Skeleton Head

I ended up finding a plain old skeleton head at WalMart. $4.00 The glitter I got was just a plain craft glitter. The pieces were larger than the glitter from the Martha Stewart line. The difference in price was $5.50. So I went with the less expensive glitter to try to keep the cost down. You could still go with the Martha Stewart glitter and still be under the Pottery Barn price.

In total the project was simple.

Brush some white craft glue on the skeleton head. Make sure you get in all the little crevices. Put the glue covered head in a cardboard box. Begin to sprinkle on the glitter. Shake off the excess. Look for any bald spots and keep reapplying until you have your head covered to your likeness.

Super easy project with a great outcome!

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