Friday, September 19, 2008

The Martha Experience

I have to say that this was one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to me. From the moment that I found out I had tickets until, well, it's still exciting! My head is just reeling from thinking of it all and trying to soak up every bit of it and place it into my memory so as never to forget it.

We took the train from Harrisburg to NYC. It was a 3.5 hour train ride but so much fun to sit, look at magazines, chat with friends, and just relax. Just relax. Yeah right! My stomach had butterflies the whole time but I wasn't going to complain. They were good butterflies. Butterflies I would love to have everyday.

When we got to the city we checked into the hotel and took a few minutes to freshen up. We headed out to a place that seems to really represent what the city is. Cafeteria is a 24 hour restaurant that is trendy and stylish.

I had Cobb Salad and of course a Cosmo. Both of which were great! We even got to see Miss Jay from America's Next Top Model walk in. You can see the people walk by on the street from where we were sitting. Just as we were wondering what famous person we would see next Robert Verdi walked by.

My best, best friend from high school met us there. She is a fashion designer in NYC and knows all the best spots. She ended up driving us to the Empire State Building at 12:30 at night. It was awesome. No lines! I didn't go up. I'm too much of a chicken when heights are concerned.

We turned in then because we knew it would be an early morning for us. We had to be in line at Martha by 8:30.

We ended up being in line at 7:30 because we wanted to make sure we would get a spot. Turns out we weren't the only ones to have this idea. We were probably one of the first 15 people in line.This is what we saw when we got out of the cab.

The Martha employees were very friendly and the process was very systematic. They got us in and we were on our way!

Walking up the stairs to go to our seats was so exciting. When you walk out to get to your seats you are literally down on the floor where Martha airs the show. For a moment I thought I had walked out to the wrong place. Then they direct you up to your seats.

Martha looked beautiful. She is so thin and tall! She seemed very focused. I almost thought I was going to cry when she walked out. They have you all rise out of your seats and really give her a warm welcome. The audience was really pumped up to see her.

The guests were all great.

Perez Hilton
offered some tips to people who are just starting out blogging.

Matt Armendariz
made Alfajores. They looked so yummy. I wish they would have shared with the audience. I was so nervous that morning I couldn't eat a thing before the show! You can check out his recipe on his site.

from Smitten Kitchen talked about her most popular recipe, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake. You can also find that on her site.

I wish they would have done more with Eddie Ross. His site is so awesome. I love the Before and After section where he take a piece of furniture he picked up at a thrift shop or flea market and turns it into something so beautiful. I love to do that although I think I have a lot to learn from him! He showed how you can take vintage buttons and postcards and turn them into great little items around your house. He's also a contestant on Top Design on Bravo.

Margaret Roach's blog is A Way to Garden. She showed her site and talked about her frog boys. She also talked about some her top visited posts. One of which was a post in which she asked people to comment on their biggest garden "no no's". Colored mulch was mentioned! Hope they weren't talking about the black stuff! That's what we have.

There were other segments to the show but I think this post is long enough. I gave you my favorite parts. Again, such an awesome experience.


matt said...

It really was so much fun, wasn't it? I'll remember it for the rest of my life!

Emily ~ Little Window Shoppe said...

Wow!! I wish that I was there. What a wonderful experience and it makes me really want to make the trip to one soon. How fun, so glad that you got to go!!

michelle @ sweet mady's said...

Oh thanks so much for posting about it. It sounds like it was amazing!

listplanit said...

That is exactly what I thought - that I wished there had been some sort of meetup after the show. It should have been an amazing opportunity to network with other bloggers. Instead, I only talked to a couple while standing in line (I got there before 7 :-) But, I will never complain! It was a wonderful experience!


girlymama said...

i had the chance to go to that, but i have a newborn.
boo hoo.
i heart martha!!
glad you had so much fun!!!

Kim said...

You saw MARTHA?? I'm sooo jealous!

Natalie said...

Hi there, Thank you so much for visiting my blog and of course for your sweet comment :)

and ow exciting to go to Martha's show! I totally watched that blogging show too.