Thursday, September 25, 2008


Gweneth Paltrow is launching a new site.

Goop Nourish the Inner Aspect

There isn't much to see on the site now but you can sign up for her newsletter.

She says in the intro that she is working on some recipes and those will be included in the newsletter. Also, "travel notes, fashion buys, and a few other surprises."

I'm interested to see how this website plays out. She seems to be getting some slack for launching the site before there was any content.


Vanessa said...

I had not heard of this, seems like a great idea, hope the site becomes one of my favs.

vanessa from

Nicole Feliciano said...

This is news to me too. Sounds interesting. And I want to drum up some support for the last few days of my fashion contests on my site

I've got 4 running. Check them out.

Emily*Scott*Logan said...

How interesting. It looks cute so far, it will be fun to see how it turns out.
Emily - LWS