Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Going Forward

I swear, I have started like 5 blogs. I don't know, maybe that's common. You start to speak about a topic and then you find something else you would rather speak about and so you get a whole new screen name. Is that normal? Maybe so.

Anyway, I have been playing around with trying to find a blog title that would embrace my fickleness. Somewhere I can write about my kids, my battle with diet and exercise, my interest in growing a business from home, my perfect husband and how he leaves his dirty socks by the bed EVERY night, our struggles and successes with our finances, my thoughts on where our family is spiritually.

I am thinking I found it. Saucha Girl seems to me to really encompass what I strive for daily. Purity. To just be real. To be clean. To feel content.

I have a couple of ideas of what path I would like my life to travel down. I really would like to make our household run "greener". I want the kids to know the importance of saving the environment we live in. I also want to carry that through to our food; attempting to get our family to eat more whole foods and really find out which foods are beneficial to buy organically. I want to be healthier myself, for myself and my family. I want us to be content spiritually.

So from now forward I will be giving more thought to these topics and others and really trying to blog about them here.

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